Other separation software

SpectreSeps Pro
Prepress Technologies, of Carlsbad, Calif., produces a software product for color separation called SpectreSeps Pro. Designed to provide the same quality color separations possible with conventional drum scanners, SpectreSeps allows the operator to control every nuance of color in the conversion.

This color separation product is designed to convert RGB to CMYK. The source of the RGB may be a Photo CD disc, a scanner, a CD-ROM, or a document from another program such as Adobe Photoshop. The product performs automatic enter-white and enter-black on any image, and can make a color separation correctly for any printing process.

SpectrePrint Pro offers batch processing capabilities, making light work of multiple image separations for improved productivity.

The firm also sells a limited edition of the product called Colegro .

Color Access
Color Access is from Pixel Craft, a division of Xerox Corp. Based on the color separation requirements of professional color scanners, the product delivers bright, clean color separations from RGB files. The source can be any application that creates RGB files. The program provides control over dot gain, paper combinations, and process ink contamination.

Electronics For Imaging Cachet
Cachet software is another color separation tool designed for critical color results in print. Based on the Electronics for Imaging (EFI) patents for color management, Cachet software produces excellent color separations with concern for the printing process planned.

Cachet software allows the user to view variations on color, clipping areas, and tonal compression. Included with the program are output profiles for a variety of printing processes including SWOP, SNAP, and a range of European and Asian standards. In addition, a series of profiles is provided for proofing devices like the family of Kodak XLS Digital Printers.

Color Separation Tables for Adobe Photoshop from EFI
For those who like the quality of color separations from EFI's Cachet software but prefer to work in Photoshop, Cachet's mathematical tables can be purchased as Color Separation Tables for Adobe Photoshop. These tables can be loaded into Photoshop's Color Separation Tables window, adding EFI color functions to Adobe Photoshop software.

The Kolorist
FSI Software from Columbia, Georgia, has produced The Kolorist, which claims to be the only 100-percent mathematical solution to color separation It features many of the controls found on drum scanners such as ink contamination control, undercolor removal, gray-component replacement, and dot gain compensation.

The Kolorist is available for both Macintosh and Windows computer platforms, and performs admirably on either.

Photone Prepress software
Photone Prepress software provides a comprehensive approach to color separation, with applications and test documents for the calibration of imagesetters and printing presses and various paper and ink combinations.

Photone software has batch processing capability, and includes a series of built-in color separation press tests which can be used to obtain closed-loop color separation.

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